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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that lightens the colour of your teeth, helping to remove stains and discoloration. It is a simple and effective way to enhance the appearance of your smile and boost your confidence.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home using a kit provided by your dentist. Take-home whitening kits typically use a lower concentration of whitening agents that are applied using custom-fitted trays made while you visit us that fit over your teeth. This is an effective method for achieving a brighter, whiter smile.


Get Your Take Home Whitening Kits for $440

Kit includes:

  • Your models
  • Custom-fitted tray
  • 2 syringes of whitening gel
  • Instructions,
  • Floss
  • Sensodyne toothpaste sample.

We also have more stock on hand if you wish to buy more syringes.

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What Causes Tooth Discolouration?

Before we dive into how tooth whitening works, it is important to understand what causes tooth discolouration. Discolouration or staining of the teeth can be caused by a number of factors such as the consumption of coffee, black tea, herbal tea, red wine, spicy foods such as curry and smoking cigarettes. Genetics, aging, and certain medications can also cause tooth discolouration.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Upon application to the tooth, a teeth whitening product breaks down into water and oxygen ions. These oxygen ions permeate the enamel and proceed to dismantle the long stain molecules, resulting in short and colourless molecules. These molecules are then naturally eliminated from the tooth by saliva. The effectiveness of the whitening process is influenced by the abundance of ions present and the duration of their stay on the tooth.

Try Pola Teeth Whitening




Pola offers take-home whitening treatments with Poladay and Polanight. Pola day consists of a selection of hydrogen peroxide strengths, designed to deliver a white smile whilst fitting into your busy schedule, whereas the Polanight range contains carbamide peroxide, delivering whiter teeth for a more sensitive smile.


  • Safe and convenient
  • Effective whitening in as little as 15 minutes or can be applied overnight while you sleep
  • Poladay and Polanight both contain fluoride, which remineralises the tooth surface to protect against tooth sensitivity
  • Both products come in a variety of strengths

Prepare For Your Appointment

Appointments for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening appointments usually require 1-2 visits, with the initial consultation being the first step. During this consultation, your dentist will take impressions for custom-made whitening trays.

Your teeth whitening initial consultation will include reviewing your suitability your this service and will check if any essential dental treatments is required prior to commencing. For example, if decay is found, you will need to have your teeth filled before the treatment is started.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

The initial consultation typically lasts 10-15 minutes. With a Pola take-home whitening system, results can be achieved in approximately 5-14 days, depending on the Pola formulation.

Preparing for Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

Your dentist may ask about your dental and medical history, but no special preparation is needed for the appointment.

Aftercare for Teeth Whitening

After teeth whitening, avoid certain food and drinks for the first few hours, as directed by your dentist. In the first 48 hours, you should avoid strongly coloured, dark food and drinks like wine and coffee, as well as acidic beverages such as alcohol and fruit juice.

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What causes tooth discolouration?

Tooth discolouration is caused by various factors, including smoking, consumption of coffee, red wine, tea, and other staining foods, as well as natural aging, trauma, or medication. These elements affect the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth, leading to discolouration or staining.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is a process that involves the application of a product containing carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to the tooth surface. The peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen ions, which enter the enamel and dentin, attacking and breaking down the stain molecules to make them shorter and colourless. This process, repeated over time, results in the whitening of teeth

Are teeth whitening products safe?

Clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening products are safe if used as instructed by dental professionals. However, overuse or misuse of these products can cause tooth sensitivity, enamel erosion, or gum irritation. It is recommended to consult with a dentist before using any teeth whitening products to ensure that they are safe and suitable for you.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The longevity of teeth whitening results depends on the individual, their habits, and the type of whitening product used. Professional treatments can last up to three years, while at-home treatments may last for a shorter period. Consuming staining foods or drinks, smoking, or neglecting dental hygiene can shorten the duration of whitening results.

How often can I whiten my teeth?

The frequency of teeth whitening depends on the individual and the type of whitening product used. Professional treatments should be performed under the supervision of a dental professional and can be repeated every 6-12 months. At-home treatments can be done every 6-12 months, depending on the desired results and the sensitivity of teeth. Overuse of whitening products can cause harm to teeth and gums, so it is essential to follow the recommended guidelines.

How is Pola different from other teeth whitening options?

Other teeth whitening products are often made by companies with limited dental experience and unclear manufacturing origins, and they may use weaker formulas that can only treat mild surface stains. Pola, on the other hand, is produced by SDI, an Australian company with 50 years of experience in oral health, and its scientific formula has been refined over many decades to ensure the best whitening results.

What is the Difference Between Pola and DIY Kits That Can be Purchased Online?

A multitude of teeth whitening products can be bought online or over the counter; however, their reliability and safety are not always guaranteed. It is crucial to seek advice from your dentist before considering teeth whitening, as they can evaluate the health of your teeth and determine whether it is safe to proceed with the process.

One professional teeth whitening product that is available is Pola. Pola is a professional-grade whitening system that is only available through dental professionals. It uses a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which allows for faster and more effective results than over-the-counter products.

On the other hand, DIY kits that can be purchased online may contain lower concentrations of whitening agents, which means that the results may take longer to achieve, or may not be as effective. In addition, without the proper guidance of a dental professional, DIY kits can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

Where is Pola manufactured?

Pola is manufactured in our Australian manufacturing plant in Victoria, and our products have been used by millions of people in over 100 countries.

How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

With a Pola take-home whitening system, results can be achieved in approximately 5-14 days, depending on the Pola formulation. Stronger formulations work faster, but may cause short-term sensitivity. Your Pola clinician can help you choose the best option for your oral health needs.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

Claims by other teeth whitening manufacturers of “5 shades” whiter or similar can be misleading, as the amount of whitening depends on the original shade of your teeth and the current staining. Pola is formulated to remove the toughest stains and return your teeth to their whitest natural colour.

How long will my teeth stay white?

Your lifestyle has the greatest influence on how long your teeth stay white. If you frequently drink coffee, wine, or soft drinks, your whitening will diminish more quickly than if you prefer water. Typically, your whitening will be at its best for the first 6 months, before slowly diminishing.

Will Pola work with my restorations or veneers?

Teeth whitening can remove existing stains on your restorations and veneers, but it will not alter their original shade.

Is Pola teeth whitening safe?

Yes, clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide is safe if performed under the guidance and supervision of a trained dentist. A small minority of people may experience short-term teeth sensitivity during the whitening process, but this sensitivity will subside quickly and does not lead to tooth or gum problems.

How can I measure my before and after tooth whitening results? Your dentist can help you record your original tooth shade by referring to a universal tooth shade chart. For future verification purposes, we recommend that you take a photo with the shade guide physically beside your teeth. Once your teeth whitening is complete, simply match up the shade guide to your new whiter teeth to measure the results.

Is tooth whitening safe during pregnancy?

Although no studies have been conducted on potential risks for pregnant women, it is not recommended to use tooth whitening products during pregnancy.

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At Dental on Martyn, we understand the importance of a confident and healthy smile. Our experienced dental team provides safe and effective teeth whitening solutions that will enhance the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.

  • Professional and Experienced Team: Our dental professionals are trained and experienced in providing high-quality teeth whitening services. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible results.
  • Customised Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient has unique dental needs, and we provide personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific requirements. Our customized approach ensures that you receive the best possible care for your teeth.
  • Safe and Effective Treatment: Our teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective, and we take every precaution to ensure your safety and comfort during the process. We only use dental-grade products that are proven to deliver effective results without causing any harm to your teeth.
  • Affordable and Convenient: We offer affordable teeth whitening options that fit within your budget, and we strive to make the process as convenient as possible. We work with you to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for you, and we make sure that you are informed and prepared for each visit.

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