Dr Caitlin Bilbe is about to return from maternity leave.
Official date of return is the 29th January 2020.
Bookings available on Wednesday’s & Thursday’s.
Please contact the surgery on 4031 2400 and schedule your appointment.

A small message from Dr Caitlin Bilbe herself…..

In early May of 2019 my husband Phil and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy ‘Eddie’ into the world.
I thoroughly love my new role as a Mum, and am fortunate to have a very happy little boy (although I could do with a little more sleep!).
During my maternity leave I have enjoyed taking Eddie to his swimming lessons, meeting other new parents and attended many cafes for coffee and cake.
I’ll be returning to work this month, working part time (two days a week) on Wednesday’s and Thursdays.
I am looking forward to my return later this month and very excited about seeing all of my existing patients and toward meeting new ones!

We’d like to extend our many Thanks to everyone that has sent gifts, congratulated us and wished us the very best upon our journey into parenthood.
We hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and wish you a prosperous and healthy 2020. 🥰